Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Ink through Relief Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A


This week’s artist was Nancy Young! Her exhibition is entitled As the Crow Flies. It was very interesting, as well as sorrowful learning about Young’s background. Currently, Young is a programmer for Orange County. In 1984, Young was placed on academic probation due to drug/substance abuse. However, she has expressed her gratitude for the future. This is because she will be graduating this year with a BFA in printmaking. Young has also expressed that she has been committing herself to obtaining her degree, as well as improving her art skills. Young said that she has attended many art workshops concerning printmaking. A surprising fact is that Young doesn’t plan to make any money from her art/hobby.

The main attraction of this exhibition is the mysterious portraits of the numerous crows.  There were a couple of landscape portraits too. The scale was all medium size. Not too big or small, perfect for eye-level viewing. The main color schemes were beige, white, gray, and black. The lines were all smooth, and the texture was also smooth. Due to the connotative colors that gave off a  simple and sad vibe – the overall atmosphere created was sorrowful. The main point was the shading of all the portraits. Some pieces were heavily shaded, while others were lightly shaded. But, there were also some pieces that had mixed shading.

This was a very memorable at experience. It is mainly due to the significant message and sorrowful message behind the pieces. Young said that her pieces were inspired by grief, sorrow, and lost. This was because she lost her husband early on, about 7 years ago. The crow is symbolic of death and departure – correlating with Young’s grief and loss. She also relates that the crow often flies around to get places, and thus learns from its experiences. Young expressed that she has been through many hardships. Overall, she is symbolic of the crow. This is because she is leaving CSULB, her home/nest, and flying of into a new journey. She expressed her gratitude for her time at CSULB, and how much she was able to grow and learn from her unique experiences.

This exhibition was an eye-opener for me. It also was relatable. Lately, or for a while now, I have been going through depression. It has a lot to do with friends, family, school, etc. But I have been trying really hard to stay positive. In a way this exhibition helped me realize that I needed to be the “crow.” This is because I realized that crows fly places, and explore new beginnings. Thus, I need to leave my comfort zone, and leave behind my sadness. Overall, the sad mood of this exhibition made me feel very sad, but it also helped me.


Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Marylyn Try

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.08.37 PM.png

This week’s classmate conversation was with Marylin Try! She is currently a sophomore at CSULB. She is also majoring in kinesiology. Her favorite hobbies is to do anything outdoors. But her main favorites are: hiking, traveling, camping, exploring, and anything that requires going outdoors. I asked her what ethnicity she is and I got a really cool answer. She is part Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Chinese. She can’t speak Vietnamese or Chinese. She can only speak Cambodian. She loves going to dim sum restaurants. Like myself, she is also a commuter. Even though she is a commuter, she says that she still keeps in touch with friends from high school. Her favorite food is hot pot and dim sum. She is currently trying to own a pet pig, since she thinks they’re cute. She does not have a favorite movie. She is originally from Carson. She only has two finals left!! She also loves K-pop, like myself. Her favorite activity was the landscape with corpse.

Marylin’s blog: Marylinytry.wordpress.com


Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week’s art experience was sketching in the Japanese Garden! I didn’t go with the class, instead I went on my own time. Overall, it was very fun. It was pretty relaxing too. The only stressful thing was not being able to erase mistakes. I kept making small mistakes. Since I am a perfectionist, I couldn’t let it go. It really bothered me. But I just traced around it, or ignored it. Another great thing was that I got to appreciate nature. Usually, I noticed that everyone is too busy on their phones to look around and see how beautiful life is. I am one of those people. But for that small block of time, I didn’t look at my phone once. Instead I focused on drawing. It was a great stress reliever. In conclusion, this activity has inspired me to perhaps try this again on my own time. But for a different scenery.

My three abstract:

My three representational:



Wk 14 – Student Conversation -Ooi Jing Huan

Jing’s blog: https://jingghuann.wordpress.com/

This week’s student conversation was with Jing Huan Ooi! She is an international student from Malaysia. Her major is electrical engineering. She does not dorm on campus. But, she has an apartment in Los Angeles. She is currently a junior. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, watching Asian television drams, and window shopping. She favorite type of food is korean bbq. She favorite type of drinks is hot chocolate, or any type of chocolate-y drinks. She really likes the chocolate moose the most. She is also twenty years old. She wanted to mainly become an engineer since they make a lot of money. The first and foremost reason as to why she picked this school was because it is close to the beach. She currently does not have a license. This is because she does not have to drive in America. Zootopia is her favorite movie.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.41.40 AM.png


Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

This week’s art experience was to make an art care package. My person to send to was Patrick Dong. The experience of putting together the package was pretty hard. I didn’t know what to send, or what I could part with without feeling bad. But it got easier once I realized that I can just make copies of anything I sent out. For instance, I sent out my driver’s license test. After I just made another copy of it. Sending someone a ACP is similar to snapchat because both require you to think, and to put a bit of yourself in the package. But, it’s also different since the ACP is more tangible and special. A snapchat will appear before the other person for however long the other party desires. But, with ACP the other person essentially holds onto a piece of you forever. So it’s much more meaningful and special. Also, it’s more imitate and personable. Ephemera, to me, is very special and valuable. Each ephemera is unique and special since it holds a lot of memories. Not all ephemera gains value over time, but some due. For example back in the 1960s,  a concert ticket from The Beatles probably wasn’t worth much. But now, in 2016, it is much more valuable since The Beatles have broken up since then. Also, the tickets aren’t produced  anymore, making it even more valuable. I feel like my grandkids would appreciate it getting ephemera, since it’s rare. I believe there is not difference between ACP and famous art. For one thing, famous art also holds a bit of the artist in the exhibit/piece. Same thing with ACP, it also holds a piece from the person who sent it. The time and effort means more with ACP. Snapchats are easily made and sent out every few seconds. With ACP it takes much more time and effort, making it even more special and meaningful. Slow is better since it shows that more thought and feeling is behind the items sent, highlighting the message/theme as a whole. You cannot “prepare a meal with love” and compare it to getting food with mcdonalds. Fast food is a corporation, there main motive is profit and business. But “making food with love” contains much more thought, effort, and care. An ACP does contain a possibility of a different “love” from snapchat. Snapchat “love” is insincere, quick, and basically just to update others on your life. But, an ACP’s “love” is more sincere since it shows more of an effort, and more care.


Specific items:

  • You: A polaroid of my dog Kiki, my driver license’s test, my disneyland ticket and cute card, I recently went to Canada – my airline ticket, another ticket to the Bushard Gardens.
  • The person you’re sending to: Patrick seems to like photography, so I included a cool polaroid film box
  • This cultural moment: A tsum tsum, which are very popular now

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eye Witness
Media: Car, dry wall, black sheeting, lights,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A 
Instagram: ihabali

This week’s artist is Ihab Ali. Ali is currently an undergraduate at CSULB. He majors in ceramics, and plans to graduate in May. Ali is from Europe, where he said the atmosphere was more hectic. This ultimately inspired him to make Eyewitness. His father was a political activist. This prompted him to move from Europe to the U.S. when he was fourteen years old. Originally he was an astrophysics engineer. But, he switched to pre-med. and finally settled down to major in ceramics. But Ali feels discontent, for he believes that people shouldn’t have to go to school to become an artist. His favorite foods are pizza and pineapples.

This exhibit was a maze/walk through! Throughout the maze it was very dark, or dim lighting. There appeared to be blood-inspired spots on the wall. There was a section with white sheets on the ground. Next, there was a television, but only static played. The next room contained a broken car. Along the way, there were pits of wood on the ground. Also, there was a white star on the wall. Throughout the exhibit, there was an ominous soundtrack playing. The scale was very huge, it too up the entire room. The main color scheme was gray, black, white, and cream. There was also use of dry wall, and black sheets.

This exhibit was mainly to mirror the scary, fearful atmosphere Ali felt when he grew up in Syria.  The important aspect is that this was to mirror what it was like. Ali took his parents to experience the exhibit and they said that the atmosphere was very similar to where they used to live. But, the ultimate goal was to allow other people to experience what it’s like in a “different world.” Ali also said that he used pits of the media to inspire him. This was helpful since it portrays a dark, and scary mood.

This art exhibit was very powerful. It was very cool to experience a walk-through such as this. It’s definitely one of my favorites, since it was nothing similar to what we have seen before. At first when me and my friend entered, we were joking around and we were kinda scared. But, after I realized the more serious message behind this exhibit. It really helped me appreciate and love this exhibit more. I’m thankful for this particular exhibit since it raises more awareness toward this subject. Overall, Ali’s exhibit was interesting and enjoyable. I hope he continues to spread awareness.



Wk 13 – Student Conversation – Natalie Guevara

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.36.34 PM


Natalie’s Blog: https://natthecat1.wordpress.com/

This week’s classmate conversation was with Natalie! Natalie is currently a sophomore at CSULB. She majors in criminal justice. Her hobbies include: drawing, hanging out with friends and family, and she likes to hike around mountains. She currently dorms at hillside. Helping out the community, Natalie is also an active member of Circle K. She also loves horror movies. One day she wants to work for a government agency. She is 19 years old. Natalie has no pets. She loves classic rock, heavy metal, and alternative music. Her favorite art activity was automated drawing. She also loves Peruvian food.