Wk 7 – Artist Conversation -Andrea Lauren Williams


  • Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
  • Exhibition: Final Sacrifice,Womanhood, Religion
  • Media: Ceramics, Cement, Rock Clay, Mason stain
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/
  • Instagram: andreawilliammms

Majoring in ceramics, Andrea is currently an undergraduate at CSULB. Andrea resides in Riverside. Growing up, Andrea’s family was very art and music oriented. This thus made it difficult for Andrea to chose her major, since so many interests came to mind.  It wasn’t until her twenties that Andrea finally chose her major. Andrea is currently a mother of a female toddler. Andrea used to be in a band, she says she misses playing gigs. She was the drummer. She has two pets: a dog and chicken.

Andrea’s pieces were all made of cement, ceramic, and rock clay. All the pieces have great textual lines and rough textual. The main colors of all the pieces are all peach, flesh-colored, and brown is also seen throughout. The scale for the murals are about 6 – 7 feet, while the torso is the same size of a real life human torso. The rock clay and ceramic material added more rough, obvious outlines in her work, signifying women’s daily struggles. All pieces included painting of women, while the torso was an modeled after an actual woman’s body. Because everything is handmade, Andrea conveyed a “loose” connotation in her ceramic works. Andrea said she wanted to give off a “loose” vibe. Andrea also claimed that she didn’t smooth out material on purpose to give off a rough texture.

I believe these pieces reveal the daily sacrifice and struggle females experience. With one piece being named “Final Sacrifice,” it really highlights Andrea’s intention of getting the theme across that women endure daily sacrifices. Andrea got this idea from when she became a mother. She said to have seen parallel in faith, motherhood, and sacrifice in her time. The main idea behind these pieces is explore the idea of religion, sacrifice of faith and being a woman, and the sacrifice of women’s time and body that goes unnoticed. From seeing “Final Sacrifice,” it really displays these ideas clearly due to the powerful bloody, violent scene of the two women. The viewer assumes that these women have been through some sacrifice. It displays themes of feminism, hardships, and sadness experienced by the female.

I greatly enjoyed these pieces, for I am a feminist. The pieces really convey the pain females experience, as well as the sacrifice. I believe the color scheme is even more powerful since they are all simple, flesh-themed. I believe these pieces remind me of a female character in The Great Gatsby. Her name was Daisy, and I believe that Daisy’s sacrifices and pain go unnoticed. Overall I really liked looking at these mature, unconventionally beautiful pieces.


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