Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


This Week’s activity was automatic drawing! The experience was fun. My partner was Eddie Castillo, star of CSULB’s Art 110 class. The experience was pretty awkward. I couldn’t stop laughing because we did this project while our other friends were present, so we looked pretty silly. I noticed that it took awhile for it to happen, but the result was good. The center was mostly being drawn on, while the edges of the paper weren’t really touched. I feel like this project was too close of a proximity, which is why t makes sense you would do this with a significant other. Our results were pretty good, it was mostly a maze of circles, loops, and hoops. I feel like if it was colored in or traced over with different colors, it would look really pretty. I gave the project to Eddie and he said he would hang it in a glass frame in his room. Overall it was enjoyable!


An extra treat: Eddie and I’s faceswap 12837538_1278156462201020_2108420590_o



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