Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy


Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: BFK printmaking paper and Screen prints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: bri.joy

Currently an undergraduate, Bri is still attending CSULB. She is intending to graduate with a degree in Bachelor’s Fine Arts in printmaking. Bri said she was from a very small town, and she could not believe how different culture is in Long Beach. Some of Bri’s hobbies include: yoga surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and skateboarding. Transferring from OCC, Bri has stayed 3 years so far at CSULB. Bri has claimed that she is fearful or graduating, since it’s difficult to officially set up all her equipment in her apartment. Bri also claimed that when she first moved here, she was overwhelmed how unfamiliar and foreign the area seemed. This is because she came from a town where the population was less than 1000, and the community was much more tight knit.

The main method to produce Bri’s art was printmaking. Made on rolls of BFK, Bri used special ink to produce the color. The main colors of the art is black and white. The overall shape are lines, rectangles, dots, and many hoops and loops. The pieces are overwhelming large, making the art more interesting, which captivates you even more. The major of the pieces are contrasting colors – the black and white makes the art stand out even more. The only human-like shapes in her pieces are the two contrasting women laying in a horizontal direction.

The overall concept of the art is suppose to represent the merging of her past life and her present life. I believe the complex lines and hoops are suppose to represent what Bri claimed to be how she felt when she moved into this area. Where the contrasting monochromatic colors symbolize her two worlds interacting and colliding. Bri said that her favorite piece is the self-portrait of herself, which started out as a mistake. But Bri still went along with it, making it even more impressive. I believe that because all the blank canvas. layouts are white, it represents Bri before she came to the new area. But the complex lines symbolize how corporate America, and the overwhelming, foreign country took over her. But because the two are present in the same piece it shows that it is possible to coexist.

I liked these pieces best, since these were very simple and calming to look at compared to the other pieces I have seen. I believe these pieces are powerful because it has an overall theme. The theme is that corporate America is extremely overwhelming to newcomers. This is due to their power and stance in society. I can relate this to a documentary I saw in Junior year in high school. The documentary was called “The Corporation,” and was basically about how corporations are evil and deceptive.



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