Wk 8 – Student Conversation – Catherine Chin

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.27.23 PM.png

This week I met Cathy Chin! She is 18 years old and Chinese American. She is currently a freshman a CSULB. Her major is molecular biology. She also dorms at parkside on campus. Cathy was originally from south Pasadena before moving down to long beach. Her hobbies include dancing and photography. Because she enjoys dancing. Cathy is currently an active member of KASA, Korean dance club at school. Cathy is also in VSA! Cathy used to like the korean pop group Super Junior. Cathy also likes anime and manga, something we have in common. Cathy, also similar to myself, still hasn’t envisioned a set career in mind. One place she wants to travel to is Japan. Her plans during spring break is to stay home and relax. She doesn’t currently drive, also similar to myself. Overall, Cathy was really cool and nice, it was fun talking to you!

Cathy’s Blog:¬†https://nekohy.wordpress.com/


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