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Hello! I am Princess Consuela Banana Hammock! I am a martial artist residing at Moonbase Alpha. I also run a cafe called Sakura. Being a martial artist and in charge of a high-end cafe, I am very busy. I came to Moonbase Alpha to start a new life after running away from home. Starting out, it was very scary. But soon, I adjusted and eventually opened up Sakura. Since I was also skilled in martial arts, I occasionally taught children the art. Soon many people came, and I decided to open a studio to teach on the side. Day by day I teach martial arts and run Sakura. In my free time I like to walk my pet hedgehog – Peanut. My closest friend is Eddie. He first helped me adjust to life here, at Moonbase Alpha. My rival is Cosmo, he also runs a cafe and often tries to outsell me. My next door neighbor is Sakata Toshi, he often walks my hedgehog for me.

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Princess Consuela Banana Hammock


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