Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram! We had to take at least five pictures and post it to Instagram. I took them mostly during art class, and a little bit after class. During art, I took two pictures of the art. After class, I walked around with Eddie and took more pictures. I took one of Eddie with a tree and one of our drinks from Coffee Tea and Leaf. From other people’s posts I see mostly food pictures, pictures of friends, selfies, and pets. Some connections I see is that everyone posted mostly pictures of daily tasks, and pictures of either themselves or their friends. There were no surprises, but some pictures were very professional-looking, and didn’t look like a regular shot. I did feel that there was a community of some sort. I felt connected since we all posted similar pictures. Also, it was because we all used iPhones or samsungs. Overall, this experience has made me realize that we are a community.


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