Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Page

This week’s art experience was doing the activity “Turning Pages” by Marta Troya. We basically toured the library and bookstore. We can document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages by using a journal and pen. I think written documentation is just as important as picture documentation, if not more important. Written documentation allows more flexibility, whereas picture documentation is very one dimensional. I believe that both words and pictures can capture an experience, but in different ways and methods. I believe that people can express themselves in both styles. I believe that style does matter, because it can connote different meanings/connotations. For example blurred pictures, or precise use of diction, can help convey your exact meaning. Other ways to share experiences is through acting, modeling, etc.

My experience of taking pictures in the bookstore wasn’t different because I take pictures of what I do in daily life everyday for social media. But not taking pictures in the library was difficult since because the experience was something I would never do in real life. So naturally, I wanted to post to social media. My experience of this activity was positive, it was something I have never done before. The only new insight I have is of books, because I never realized how colorful, simple, and fun children’s books are. Overall, this experience was fun.


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