Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design II: Alternate Reality Gaming

This week’s art project was Geocacheing! I found them with Eddie Castillo, another student in Art 110. We ended up finding two geo caches! This experience was so hard. We tried finding two other ones at first, but failed. We walked so much, it was super frustrating because we kept looking for the first two, but either someone took them, or they hid them way too well. It was also very hard because we literally walked around the whole campus. Eddie and I both have FitBits, which are basically step trackers, and we walked almost 4 miles. This experience made me think differently of the campus as a whole. There are a lot of hiding places! It also made me think about all the different ideas, experiences, etc. that are all mapped throughout the campus. I thought that was pretty cool. When we found the geocache at the pyramid, it made me realize that there are a lot of memories and moments embedded in that location, and other locations. Other secrets places might have can include history, historical moments, or symbolical or legendary artifacts the location might contain. Sometimes I can “map” feelings into some locations, just because of the atmosphere, or the objects that give off the connotations. I put a note in the altoids container, and a lollipop in the pyramid’s container.

GPS coordinates of Altoids Container:N 33° 47.171 W 118° 06.966

GPS coordinates of CSULB Pyramid 33° 47.273N 118° 06.849W



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