Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

This week’s art experience was to make an art care package. My person to send to was Patrick Dong. The experience of putting together the package was pretty hard. I didn’t know what to send, or what I could part with without feeling bad. But it got easier once I realized that I can just make copies of anything I sent out. For instance, I sent out my driver’s license test. After I just made another copy of it. Sending someone a ACP is similar to snapchat because both require you to think, and to put a bit of yourself in the package. But, it’s also different since the ACP is more tangible and special. A snapchat will appear before the other person for however long the other party desires. But, with ACP the other person essentially holds onto a piece of you forever. So it’s much more meaningful and special. Also, it’s more imitate and personable. Ephemera, to me, is very special and valuable. Each ephemera is unique and special since it holds a lot of memories. Not all ephemera gains value over time, but some due. For example back in the 1960s,  a concert ticket from The Beatles probably wasn’t worth much. But now, in 2016, it is much more valuable since The Beatles have broken up since then. Also, the tickets aren’t produced  anymore, making it even more valuable. I feel like my grandkids would appreciate it getting ephemera, since it’s rare. I believe there is not difference between ACP and famous art. For one thing, famous art also holds a bit of the artist in the exhibit/piece. Same thing with ACP, it also holds a piece from the person who sent it. The time and effort means more with ACP. Snapchats are easily made and sent out every few seconds. With ACP it takes much more time and effort, making it even more special and meaningful. Slow is better since it shows that more thought and feeling is behind the items sent, highlighting the message/theme as a whole. You cannot “prepare a meal with love” and compare it to getting food with mcdonalds. Fast food is a corporation, there main motive is profit and business. But “making food with love” contains much more thought, effort, and care. An ACP does contain a possibility of a different “love” from snapchat. Snapchat “love” is insincere, quick, and basically just to update others on your life. But, an ACP’s “love” is more sincere since it shows more of an effort, and more care.


Specific items:

  • You: A polaroid of my dog Kiki, my driver license’s test, my disneyland ticket and cute card, I recently went to Canada – my airline ticket, another ticket to the Bushard Gardens.
  • The person you’re sending to: Patrick seems to like photography, so I included a cool polaroid film box
  • This cultural moment: A tsum tsum, which are very popular now

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