Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Ink through Relief Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A


This week’s artist was Nancy Young! Her exhibition is entitled As the Crow Flies. It was very interesting, as well as sorrowful learning about Young’s background. Currently, Young is a programmer for Orange County. In 1984, Young was placed on academic probation due to drug/substance abuse. However, she has expressed her gratitude for the future. This is because she will be graduating this year with a BFA in printmaking. Young has also expressed that she has been committing herself to obtaining her degree, as well as improving her art skills. Young said that she has attended many art workshops concerning printmaking. A surprising fact is that Young doesn’t plan to make any money from her art/hobby.

The main attraction of this exhibition is the mysterious portraits of the numerous crows.  There were a couple of landscape portraits too. The scale was all medium size. Not too big or small, perfect for eye-level viewing. The main color schemes were beige, white, gray, and black. The lines were all smooth, and the texture was also smooth. Due to the connotative colors that gave off a  simple and sad vibe – the overall atmosphere created was sorrowful. The main point was the shading of all the portraits. Some pieces were heavily shaded, while others were lightly shaded. But, there were also some pieces that had mixed shading.

This was a very memorable at experience. It is mainly due to the significant message and sorrowful message behind the pieces. Young said that her pieces were inspired by grief, sorrow, and lost. This was because she lost her husband early on, about 7 years ago. The crow is symbolic of death and departure – correlating with Young’s grief and loss. She also relates that the crow often flies around to get places, and thus learns from its experiences. Young expressed that she has been through many hardships. Overall, she is symbolic of the crow. This is because she is leaving CSULB, her home/nest, and flying of into a new journey. She expressed her gratitude for her time at CSULB, and how much she was able to grow and learn from her unique experiences.

This exhibition was an eye-opener for me. It also was relatable. Lately, or for a while now, I have been going through depression. It has a lot to do with friends, family, school, etc. But I have been trying really hard to stay positive. In a way this exhibition helped me realize that I needed to be the “crow.” This is because I realized that crows fly places, and explore new beginnings. Thus, I need to leave my comfort zone, and leave behind my sadness. Overall, the sad mood of this exhibition made me feel very sad, but it also helped me.


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