Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le
Exhibition: Tàu
Media: Canvas, paper, ink, candles, water color paints
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: http://www.letealeaf.com
Instagram: @letealeaf

Le is from Garden Grove, California. She was born and raised there. This is surprising since none of her other family members were born here, instead they are all from Vietnam. Le says that her relatives and parents often discussed about the hardships of living in Vietnam, but never really told her the true stories behind it. But, she does have an interest in learning more about her heritage and where she came from: Vietnam. Starting at a young age, 3 years old, Le was always interested in art. Le says she is going to graduate in May.

All the paintings were made with either water colors, or oils. The scale of all the paintings are medium sized, they nicely fit your frame vision. It isn’t overwhelming. The only over-sized piece of art was the display of the paper boats. That was the biggest display there, and I noticed a lot of students were careful not to step on the art pieces since they took up a good amount of space in the room. All the paintings are related to Vietnam, or refugees escaping from Vietnam. I showed my parents these paintings, since they can relate, and found a lot of comfort and interest in the paintings. The main colors used throughout the paintings are black, blue, red. But, the only colors used in the painting which shows contents inside a suitcase are yellow and green. All the textures look smooth.

I believe with Le’s use of the darker tones for the paintings expressing life in Vietnam is used to convey the theme of panic and sadness. Related to how she said her parents often expressed that life was hard in Vietnam, the dark colors connote emotions of sadness, loneliness, and hardship the older Vietnamese generation had to endure. But, with green and yellow being used for the painting with the contents inside the suitcase, it conveys that the idea that escaping to the U.S. is a new beginning, and is positive. This is because the colors yellow and green connote ideas of new happenings and positivity. With the exhibit being named “Tau,” the central theme is escaping, since the word Tau is the Vietnamese word for boat.

This was my personal favorite exhibit from everything so far. Because, I could relate to it, for my grandparents were Vietnamese refugees. I showed my parents the artwork and they showed a lot of interest and they really enjoyed it. My favorite piece was the paper boats on the ground. I though that was really pretty, the lights and the models really made me think about what the refugees went through. It also made me thing about how much the older generation has been through when trying to come to the U.S. My mom has often talked about the hardships of starting a new life in the U.S., so has my dad. This exhibit has allowed me to revisit these ideas and discuss them with my family. Overall, this exhibit was very beautiful, and one of my favorites.


Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design II: Alternate Reality Gaming

This week’s art project was Geocacheing! I found them with Eddie Castillo, another student in Art 110. We ended up finding two geo caches! This experience was so hard. We tried finding two other ones at first, but failed. We walked so much, it was super frustrating because we kept looking for the first two, but either someone took them, or they hid them way too well. It was also very hard because we literally walked around the whole campus. Eddie and I both have FitBits, which are basically step trackers, and we walked almost 4 miles. This experience made me think differently of the campus as a whole. There are a lot of hiding places! It also made me think about all the different ideas, experiences, etc. that are all mapped throughout the campus. I thought that was pretty cool. When we found the geocache at the pyramid, it made me realize that there are a lot of memories and moments embedded in that location, and other locations. Other secrets places might have can include history, historical moments, or symbolical or legendary artifacts the location might contain. Sometimes I can “map” feelings into some locations, just because of the atmosphere, or the objects that give off the connotations. I put a note in the altoids container, and a lollipop in the pyramid’s container.

GPS coordinates of Altoids Container:N 33° 47.171 W 118° 06.966

GPS coordinates of CSULB Pyramid 33° 47.273N 118° 06.849W



Wk 12 – Student Conversation – Rejina Hernandez

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 5.59.51 PM.png

This week’s student conversation was with Rejina Hernandez! I really liked her outfit and her hair. Jina’s hobbies include: reading, going to the beach, swimming, playing volley ball, volunteering, and watching t.v. shows. She is currently a film major. Like myself, she is also from the Westminster area. She is currently a sophomore at CSULB. Her favorite genre of music is alternative. She also said that her favorite movie is Roman Holiday. She currently doesn’t have a job, but is looking for one. Her pets include: three dogs and a gecko, one of the dogs is a German Shepherd. Her favorite t.v. show is The Mini Project. She went to PCHS, an independent film school. Her astrological sign is Sagittarius. The reason she took this class was because it was a prerequisite for film. But, she said she would have taken this class anyway, since she likes art. Her favorite assignment so far was the video project! It was cool talking to Jina.

Jina’s blog: https://literatureandartblog.wordpress.com/


Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Page

This week’s art experience was doing the activity “Turning Pages” by Marta Troya. We basically toured the library and bookstore. We can document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages by using a journal and pen. I think written documentation is just as important as picture documentation, if not more important. Written documentation allows more flexibility, whereas picture documentation is very one dimensional. I believe that both words and pictures can capture an experience, but in different ways and methods. I believe that people can express themselves in both styles. I believe that style does matter, because it can connote different meanings/connotations. For example blurred pictures, or precise use of diction, can help convey your exact meaning. Other ways to share experiences is through acting, modeling, etc.

My experience of taking pictures in the bookstore wasn’t different because I take pictures of what I do in daily life everyday for social media. But not taking pictures in the library was difficult since because the experience was something I would never do in real life. So naturally, I wanted to post to social media. My experience of this activity was positive, it was something I have never done before. The only new insight I have is of books, because I never realized how colorful, simple, and fun children’s books are. Overall, this experience was fun.


Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox


Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paints, pastel, oil, markers

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: N/A

Helen Werner Cox was the artist I chose to analyze this week. She is currently a graduate student at CSULB. She was part of the Drawing and Painting program. Cox is from Ithaca, New York. She first stayed in Boston for sixteen years. She later moved to California. Here, she had various jobs.Cox has worked as a middle and high school teacher. When questioning her about her hobbies, Cox said she enjoys reading fiction and mystery books. Cox also said she was a librarian. Lastly, she said her favorite hobby to do is to play the dots game.

Helen used various materials to create her art. Cox said that she mostly used oil paints, pastels, oils, and markers. All her art seem to have a fairytale connotation. This is due to the various use of the motif of horses, unicorns, etc. The color scheme is mainly soft pastels ranging to browns, blacks, and white. The main colors overall are black, white, and brown. The horses are mainly colored brown and black. Most of the art pieces were made of pastels. Thus, Cox had to remind many students to be careful. This is because if we touch, or accidentally bump into the pieces, the pastels will smear. Overall, all the pieces’ scales were very big. I believe this is to give the illusion of how big the actual horses are.I noticed that most of the pieces have “wind motions,” this is to give the illusion of the horses running through the wind.

Cox’s main theme is the demise of society. She wished to convey the fact that society is basically trapped, and that there is no room for evolution. This correlates to the piece where the horses are running around in a circle. This shows that the horses only run in one direction, and one motion. Symbolic of society, it shows how society is simply moving in one place, never improving. Another interesting note to analyze is how the horses all have a fearful, agitated expression. I believe this represents people in society, who also feel trapped. Due to the everyday monotonous routine all society experience, it can cause feelings of fear, pain, sadness, and anger. The horses symbolize the humans/citizens trapped inside this never ending cycle of pain, also known as this continuous loop – society.

This probably has to be my favorite piece. This is due to many reasons. First, I agree with all the reasons behind the art. I also agree with how society is not really improving. I feel that society has not improved as much as we can. Although there has been some improvement in society, there could be more. This reminds me of George Orwell’s novel 1984, since it’s about broken societies. Overall, I enjoyed the colors used in these pieces since they were very calming and mostly neutral colors. I believe the best part about this exhibit is the music that played in the background. It really livened the experience and made it more special. It basically bought the art to life.




Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram! We had to take at least five pictures and post it to Instagram. I took them mostly during art class, and a little bit after class. During art, I took two pictures of the art. After class, I walked around with Eddie and took more pictures. I took one of Eddie with a tree and one of our drinks from Coffee Tea and Leaf. From other people’s posts I see mostly food pictures, pictures of friends, selfies, and pets. Some connections I see is that everyone posted mostly pictures of daily tasks, and pictures of either themselves or their friends. There were no surprises, but some pictures were very professional-looking, and didn’t look like a regular shot. I did feel that there was a community of some sort. I felt connected since we all posted similar pictures. Also, it was because we all used iPhones or samsungs. Overall, this experience has made me realize that we are a community.


Wk 10 – Student Conversation- Cheryl Peng

imageThis week’s student conversation was with Cheryl Peng! She is currently a first year student at CSULB. Cheryl is a communication major. She is currently dorming at Parkside. Cheryl is originally from Hacidena Heights. I really liked Cheryl’s hair! It was ombré with blonde highlights. Her hobbies include: hanging out with friends, watching movies, doing her make up, and studying. She also really likes to lounge around her dorm and shop for new makeup and clothes. Her dream job is to be a event planner. She wants to plan events such as: weddings, parties, and celebrity events. She wants to minor in hospitality management. She is also Chinese. Cheryl is currently trying to find a job. She says it’s hard to find a part time job that fits her schedule. Her favorite thing to watch is claymation films. It was very fun talking to Cheryl!

Cheryl’s blog: https://cherylpeng1.wordpress.com