Wk 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: Ink through Relief Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A


This week’s artist was Nancy Young! Her exhibition is entitled As the Crow Flies. It was very interesting, as well as sorrowful learning about Young’s background. Currently, Young is a programmer for Orange County. In 1984, Young was placed on academic probation due to drug/substance abuse. However, she has expressed her gratitude for the future. This is because she will be graduating this year with a BFA in printmaking. Young has also expressed that she has been committing herself to obtaining her degree, as well as improving her art skills. Young said that she has attended many art workshops concerning printmaking. A surprising fact is that Young doesn’t plan to make any money from her art/hobby.

The main attraction of this exhibition is the mysterious portraits of the numerous crows.  There were a couple of landscape portraits too. The scale was all medium size. Not too big or small, perfect for eye-level viewing. The main color schemes were beige, white, gray, and black. The lines were all smooth, and the texture was also smooth. Due to the connotative colors that gave off a  simple and sad vibe – the overall atmosphere created was sorrowful. The main point was the shading of all the portraits. Some pieces were heavily shaded, while others were lightly shaded. But, there were also some pieces that had mixed shading.

This was a very memorable at experience. It is mainly due to the significant message and sorrowful message behind the pieces. Young said that her pieces were inspired by grief, sorrow, and lost. This was because she lost her husband early on, about 7 years ago. The crow is symbolic of death and departure – correlating with Young’s grief and loss. She also relates that the crow often flies around to get places, and thus learns from its experiences. Young expressed that she has been through many hardships. Overall, she is symbolic of the crow. This is because she is leaving CSULB, her home/nest, and flying of into a new journey. She expressed her gratitude for her time at CSULB, and how much she was able to grow and learn from her unique experiences.

This exhibition was an eye-opener for me. It also was relatable. Lately, or for a while now, I have been going through depression. It has a lot to do with friends, family, school, etc. But I have been trying really hard to stay positive. In a way this exhibition helped me realize that I needed to be the “crow.” This is because I realized that crows fly places, and explore new beginnings. Thus, I need to leave my comfort zone, and leave behind my sadness. Overall, the sad mood of this exhibition made me feel very sad, but it also helped me.


Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le
Exhibition: Tàu
Media: Canvas, paper, ink, candles, water color paints
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: http://www.letealeaf.com
Instagram: @letealeaf

Le is from Garden Grove, California. She was born and raised there. This is surprising since none of her other family members were born here, instead they are all from Vietnam. Le says that her relatives and parents often discussed about the hardships of living in Vietnam, but never really told her the true stories behind it. But, she does have an interest in learning more about her heritage and where she came from: Vietnam. Starting at a young age, 3 years old, Le was always interested in art. Le says she is going to graduate in May.

All the paintings were made with either water colors, or oils. The scale of all the paintings are medium sized, they nicely fit your frame vision. It isn’t overwhelming. The only over-sized piece of art was the display of the paper boats. That was the biggest display there, and I noticed a lot of students were careful not to step on the art pieces since they took up a good amount of space in the room. All the paintings are related to Vietnam, or refugees escaping from Vietnam. I showed my parents these paintings, since they can relate, and found a lot of comfort and interest in the paintings. The main colors used throughout the paintings are black, blue, red. But, the only colors used in the painting which shows contents inside a suitcase are yellow and green. All the textures look smooth.

I believe with Le’s use of the darker tones for the paintings expressing life in Vietnam is used to convey the theme of panic and sadness. Related to how she said her parents often expressed that life was hard in Vietnam, the dark colors connote emotions of sadness, loneliness, and hardship the older Vietnamese generation had to endure. But, with green and yellow being used for the painting with the contents inside the suitcase, it conveys that the idea that escaping to the U.S. is a new beginning, and is positive. This is because the colors yellow and green connote ideas of new happenings and positivity. With the exhibit being named “Tau,” the central theme is escaping, since the word Tau is the Vietnamese word for boat.

This was my personal favorite exhibit from everything so far. Because, I could relate to it, for my grandparents were Vietnamese refugees. I showed my parents the artwork and they showed a lot of interest and they really enjoyed it. My favorite piece was the paper boats on the ground. I though that was really pretty, the lights and the models really made me think about what the refugees went through. It also made me thing about how much the older generation has been through when trying to come to the U.S. My mom has often talked about the hardships of starting a new life in the U.S., so has my dad. This exhibit has allowed me to revisit these ideas and discuss them with my family. Overall, this exhibit was very beautiful, and one of my favorites.


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Artist: William Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: Various Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website: theartificery.com
Instagram: theartificery


This week’s featured artist is William Brigham. He currently is in the BFA metals program. He claims that he enjoys making cool stuff, and that he often injures himself on the job. He is currently an undergraduate, and hopes to graduate this semester. He is a mjor in metals and 3D media. He enjoys spear fishing. THis is due to the fact that he makes spears, and wants to put use to them. He transferred from OCC to Cal State Long Beach. He is also from Huntington Beach. He also likes to be in his workshop in his spare time.

The majority of his works are knifes and metal objects. The knifes all have beautiful feathery metal indents. On the other hand, the other objects use different color metals. For example, there is metallic elements, gold elements, etc. Another color is the gradient color spectrum of gray to rose. All the texture looks smooth, there are no jagged lines or edges. Another really pretty art piece was the metal rose. I was going to include a picture, but my picture was too blurry, which wouldn’t do it justice. Overall, all the knives have different patterns engraved on them.

Brigham said that it takes him “an ungodly amount of time” to make these pieces. He also said that he was inspired by the Japanese katana. The Japanese kanata is a traditional Japanese sword. Brigham also said that all the pieces started out as a flat piece of metal layer. Most of the knives are made form carbon and nickel metal. Brigham also said that with staring off as a flat piece of metal, he tries to manipulate the patterns to his own liking. He also said that he made these pieces as practice to construct his sword. He is hesitant to completely construct the sword. Brigham also said that once there is 20 layers, he can mold it into whatever shape he wants. Once the steel is hot, it can be malleable, and be made into anything.

This experience viewing Brigham was very calming and fun. It was nice to see the patterns on the swords, they were very pretty. My favorite piece was the metal rose. It reminded me of the rose from “Beauty and the Beast.” It looked very delicate and beautiful, almost magical. My favorite movie is “Beauty and the Beast,”so seeing this rose in real life was a cool experience. It was almost as if seeing the rose in real life. The knives were a little scary to see in real life, since they were so large. They also looked really heavy. Overall, viewing his art was fun.